Today I'll be letting you in on a BIG UK Netflix secret. Netflix UK has around 2000 TV shows & movies. Sounds like a decent amount, right? It does, until you compare it to US Netflix. US Netflix has 14,000+ TV shows & movies!

US Netflix has 12,000 MORE titles than Netflix UK

Not only does US Netflix have WAY more titles, they have a much better selection of titles. Their TV shows & Movies are generally much more up to date and better quality compared to our UK Netflix. Fortunately there is an extremely easy way to get access to the US Netflix titles within UK on your UK Netflix account!

How To Get US Netflix on your UK Netflix Account:

Step 1) Click here and create an account on Blockless. Blockless is the service that will let you watch US Netflix in the UK.
Create an account where it says Try it Free then click Get Started (picture below)


Step 2) Once you've created your account Click "For a specific device" to set up on your Device.

Choose the device you watch to watch US Netflix on (Windows 7, Mac, Wii, Xbox, PS3, etc). Now just follow the simple steps listed for your device. After you're finished that, you're done!

You will now have US Netflix and 12,000 more titles!

That's all you have to do! Blockless will make it look like you're from the US which unlocks all US only content for you! This isn't just for Netflix either. It's also for unlocking Hulu, Pandora Radio and more. I've been using them for over 6 months now and haven't had a single problem.

After a week you can subscribe to their service for only $4.95 a month. A price that is really cheap when you look at all you get with it, it's worth it for me for just 2 or 3 great shows.

To Subscribe - Login to Blockless then click the "Upgrade To Paid Subscription" button.

If you found this guide helpful - share the secret with your friends below!

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